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Charles Tillman Has Shoulder Surgery

Bears CB Charles  Tillman injured his shoulder in the Sept 28th game against the Eagles, but waited on having surgery on it until after the season.

Tillman played with injuries to both shoulders for three-quarters of the season. Two weeks after suffering the original injury trying to tackle Eagles tight end Brent Celek, Tillman left the stadium in Atlanta with his left arm in a sling. He missed the next game against Minnesota, but it was the right shoulder that had more damage with torn ligaments.

The Bears' medical staff knew at the time that surgery would be necessary, but Tillman was advised he likely couldn't make the shoulder any worse by playing. He continued on and started 15 games, making 91 tackles -- the second-most in his six-year career -- even though the injuries made it more difficult for him to play the physical style he prefers.


Tillman is expected to be ready in time for training camp.