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Bears Offseason Updates

Bears GM Jerry Angelo has been making the rounds and has recently put a number of issues out on the table.

Angelo refused to comment on what Devin Hester's role with the team will be next year.

I don't anticipate that. I think the coaches really like the way Devin has come on. I want to make sure we are maximizing his playmaking ability. If that means more offense, so be it. If that means less offense and more concentrating on his return ability, maybe that's the best plan.

The Bears will not try to extend Kyle Orton this off season.

We have time, plenty of time. Listen, we want to reward Kyle—but at the right time. What will the right time be? You'll know it, I'll know it and we'll all know it.

Nathan Vasher will have to earn his spot on the team next season.

He really hasn't played in two years, so he needs to redefine himself, starting in the off-season. He has to earn a spot on our team. He has to show he can be a starter, somebody we can depend on. We rewarded a very good player. He earned a new contract. But since then he has had some injuries, and when he has played, his play hasn't been up to his standards, I'm sure, and certainly our standards.

Angelo doesn't see a situation in which Mike Brown is apart of the Bears next season.

I don't see that right now, given how it affects Danieal. Allocation of money comes into play, too, in what we want to do at other positions. There could be a case where we want Mike back, but we can't afford to do it given what we want to do in other areas.

Angelo plans to find a second running back to lessen the work load of Matt Forte.

When you look around the league, everybody is implementing a dual running back system. Your number one usually touches the ball around 20 times. The other back gets 10 to 12 to 15 touches. That's a good balance. … I'm confident we'll get back to that.