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Which QB Is Best For Bears To Go After?

Now that Angelo has stated that he wants to bring in a QB to compete with Kyle Orton, it is time to look at the options. The problem is not too many of them are good options.

Kurt Warner:

But forget about Warner. He'll cost too much and he'll be 38 before next season starts. He's a cigar store Indian in the pocket, which means he'd last about three games behind the Bears' current offensive line. Warner has put up impressive numbers this season throwing to 1,000-yard receivers Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston, all of whom are better than any wideouts on the Bears' roster.

Matt Cassel:

Same goes for the Patriots' Matt Cassel, another potential free agent. He put up nice numbers throwing to Randy Moss and Wes Welker in a passing offense. That doesn't make him someone you want to get into a bidding war over.

Kerry Collins:

Collins' passer rating was less than a point better than Orton's, and he's 36. That's not even a lateral move because Collins threw just 12 TD passes this season and, in a 14-year career, has never been more than an average quarterback, and he's usually been closer to mediocre. He's not a guy who makes those around him better.

Chris Simms or J.P. Loseman:


Jeff Garcia:

Garcia actually makes sense, but only if the Bears are also going to start drafting and developing quarterbacks, which they should continue to do until they're convinced Orton or some other veteran is the long-term answer. Garcia will be 39 in February, so he's obviously a quick and short-term fix. But he plays much younger than his age and has excellent mobility. His passer rating has been over 90 in each of the past three seasons, with a TD-interception ratio of 35-12.

Garcia has been a starter and a backup, so even if Orton steps up his game and wins the job, the Bears have greatly improved their depth at a position Angelo says is of utmost importance.

Assuming you agree with this assessment unless the Bears pull off a trade for Donovan McNabb or somebody not yet on our radar it would seem that Jeff Garcia is our only real option. Garcia would be competition for Orton, but he isn't a long term fix either.

The bad side is what if Warner, Collins and Garcia are resigned by their current teams? That leaves us in a real bad way. I think Garcia has the best chance to not get resigned. He and Gruden dont' seem to get along real well and Garcia might want to get out of that.