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History of the 18th Pick and Other Draft Trivia

The NFL Draft at its best is a crap shoot.  Teams can do all the workouts and combines and Wonderlic tests they want, but there is no way to accurately judge which kids will turn out to be the future of football.  You try your best to weed out those who have questionable backgrounds or may be prone to going mental, but it is all a big game of chance.  

So looking at the history of the # 18 pick, we can't make any assumptions about the quality of player we may get.  For every Top 5 pick bust there is a mid-6th round success story.  For every Peyton Manning you have a Ryan Leaf or Michael Vick.  

You also have to consider the teams drafting at that spot.  Some teams have a history of being poor evaluaters of talent.

Of course that isn't going to stop me from taking a look at past drafts at the 18 spot.  I've gone back to 1985, not sure why that just seemed like a good year.


Player Drafted By Pos. College
Joe Flacco Ravens QB Delaware
Leon Hall Bengals DB Michigan
Bobby Carpenter Cowboys LB Ohio State
Erasmus James Vikings DE Wisconsin
Will Smith Saints DE Ohio State
Calvin Pace Cardinals DE Wake Forest
T.J. Duckett Falcons RB Michigan State
Jeff Backus Lions T Michigan
Chad Pennington Jets QB Marshall
Matt Stinchcomb Raiders T Georgia
Robert Edwards Patriots RB Georgia
Kenny Holmes Oilers DE Miami (FL)
Eddie Kennison Rams WR Louisiana State
Napoleon Kaufman Raiders RB Washington
DeWayne Washington Vikings DB North Carolina State
Ernest Dye Cardinals T South Carolina
Dana Hall 49ers DB Washington
Alfred Williams Bengals LB Colorado
Tony Bennett Packers LB Mississippi
Brian Williams Giants C Minnesota
Aaron Jones Steelers DE Eastern Kentucky
Tony Woods Seahawks LB Pittsburgh
Mike Sherrard Cowboys WR UCLA
Freddie Joe Nunn Cardinals DE Mississippi


You can see it is more miss than hit, but there are some names in there that were good or are still contributing to their team.   Flacco and Penningtion had a good deal of success this year.   Duckett and Smith are or can be  heavy contributors.

Now for some other Bears draft trivia.  In the history of the draft the Bears...

have drafted a total of 1272 players

have drafted 86 first rounders, 62 second rounders and 77 third rounders

have drafted more players from Notre Dame (41), Ohio State (29), Texas (26), Oklahoma (25), Stanford (24), Northwestern (21) and Arkansas (20) more than any other schools.  (Maybe I'll break that down later by years, having more rounds then and less scouts obviously affected those numbers)

since 1965 have drafted  RB (94), DB (82) and LB (52) more than any other positions (earlier than 1965 positions were labled differently and one designation could pertain to more than one position)

have drafted only 44 QBs 

have drafted 6 kickers and 4 punters