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Bears Show Interest In QB At Senior Bowl

I guess this could be considered the first rumor post of the draft if rumor is the correct term.  This suggests little and means less, since I am sure the Bears spoke to many and will speak to many more before draft day and the Bears were not the only team.

Bears officials were seen holding court with Sam Houston St. QB Rhett Bomar.  I know us drafting him would be a sore subject with ChiFan, but the Bears were impressed by the 6'2" 215 lbs senior.

YEAR Games COMP ATT Yards Comp% TD INT
2005 12 167 308 2,018 54.2% 10 10
2006 Transfer
2007 9 172 291 2,209 59.1% 10 6
2008 10 245 436 3,355 56.2% 27 13
Totals 31 584 1,035 7,582 56.4% 47 29

Signing a veteran free agent such as Chris Simms is an option, but grooming a rookie QB would not be a stretch. And don't count out the Bears moving forward with just incumbent Kyle Orton and Caleb Hanie on the 53-man roster.

Good bulk with a solid build...Has a very strong arm...Great mechanics and throws a nice ball...Good athleticism and mobility...Can throw on the run...Good touch and timing...Tosses a nice deep ball...Cool under pressure...Tough and super competitive...Supremely confident...Solid on-field leader...Productive...Is still improving and has a  lot of upside. 

Height is just average...Does not have a lot of experience against top competition...Needs to work on his accuracy...Will take chances and throw some interceptions...Has a little too much faith in his arm at times...Can come off as cocky...Durability may be an issue...Has run into some trouble off the field so character and judgment is  a concern. 


Bomar is currently projected as a 2nd or 3rd round selection.

What do you think about Rhett Bomar?