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Have the Bears Coaches and GM Ever Talked?

I assume and maybe that is my big folly that Jerry and Lovie and the boys all work in the same building and on occasion gather around a big table in some meeting room where they won't be bothered.  Maybe the order some Sweet and Sour something or another and talk about football.  You know hash out a plan on what they are going to do this offseason.

Because I'm beginning to think they haven't.  First there was the big miscommunication with Angelo saying QB was a big priority, while Lovie and Turner endorsed  Kyle Orton.  

For awhile Angelo wouldn't commit to Ogunleye's place on the Bears, but now the Bears are banking hard on Marinelli fixing our line that they have all but ruled out Peppers, Suggs and Haynesworth as Free Agency targets.

While Smith didn't go into detail on what his defense will need, sources say the Bears won't be searching for a pass rusher in free agency because they are convinced new line coach Rod Marinelli can make the current group good enough to dominate without throwing big money at the position. 

To go along with Angelo's QB talk he made it pretty plain that receiver isn't in their plans.  His take was you fix the QB and the receivers are all mix and match, but apparently either Ron Turner didn't watch that press conference or wasn't invited to that meeting.  When asked how to make this group better he new exactly what he wanted:

Obviously a receiver, and we need to continue to get depth on the offensive line,'' Turner said. ''Those are the biggest things. We'll explore everything and look at all avenues.''

Maybe he is just doing a little politicing and trying to make it known, but the Bears really need to get on the same page at least from a public eye perspective.  They are allowed to argue all they want behind closed doors, but for the fan's sanity they need to put forth a united front, otherwise we have to wonder if we are run by a bunch of  animals who just throw poo at each other all day instead of trying to improve this team.

So based going on the assumption that Angelo and Smith are calling the shots the Bears will not be pursuing Peppers, Sugg, Haynesworth, Boldin or Houshmandzadeh.  Which means for another off season we get to  have discussion of whether it was a good pickup to sign a guy to a year contract who is looking to redeem himself.