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Kiper's Hair Picks Tyson Jackson

Continuing what will become our ever increasing coverage of the NFL Draft.  The so called guru of the draft and the man with the worst hair in all of draft experts, Mel Kiper has an updated draft board (ESPN Insider required for full draft).

At the #18 spot he has the Bears taking Tyson Jackson, Defensive End .  Jackson is a 6' 5, 290 lb senior out of LSU.

Outstanding size and bulk...Has a big frame with long arms and large hands...Powerful with excellent strength...Tough and physical...Good athleticism...Quick with a burst...Uses his hands well...Can really hold his ground...Terrific bull rusher...Offers a lot of versatility...Has a lot of experience against elite competition... Hard worker ... Team leader. 

Average timed speed...Motor is inconsistent...Questionable instincts and awareness...Needs to do a better job of shedding blocks...Doesn't change directions well...Has some trouble in space...Not a threat off the edge...Just an average pass rusher and  won't rack up a lot of sacks. 

--NFL Draft Countdown

Now far be it for me to criticize the Helmet Hair and assuming the above breakdown is accurate, why would we draft a defensive end that can't get to the QB?  We have that already.  We are able to stop the run.  Our problem is pressuring a QB.   In his mock draft he has Everette Brown going 3 spots earlier.  Brown finished with 13.5 sacks and his greatest assets are his speed and quickness.  If the Bears are looking to upgrade their pass rush with the first pick, they'd probably be better off making a move up to get Brown.

What is your take on Tyson Jackson?