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Hester, Manning To Continue Return Duties

In a fan question and answer session, Bears special teams coach Dave Toub stated that next season Devin Hester will continue to return punts and Danieal Manning would retain the kick off duties.

I've no issues with the decision, because I know you want a guy like Hester to have the ball in his hands as often as you can, but one has to wonder.  If being given more time on offense on his way to attempting to be our #1 receiver caused issues with his kickoff abilites, due to lack of practice time, maybe they should consider taking him off of returns all together.  

It seems unfathomable given the success he has had his first two seasons, but if they want to keep him on punt duties, they need to devote enough time for him to work with the special teams crew so he and Toub can work out any issues he may have.