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New Site Sections!

There will be some changes on WCG over the next few months.  Some you may see, some you may not.  Some are changes that have a bigger impact while others are just smaller things to try to make life around here easier.

The first is one of those smaller and less impactful changes.  It is the creation of Sections.  Sections are basically containers that allow for the grouping of posts.  You can see what section each post is in by looking under the post name.  

  You can also see a full list of all available sections on the left hand side bar.


Not all  posts will have a section.

Over time more will be added while I'm sure some I will find not so useful and they won't be used or just deleted all together.

Here are the sections as they stand and what you can expect to see in them.  By all means if you see the need for a section to be added, feel free to let me know.

A/V - Straight forward I think.  This will be for audio, video and various other media types.

Audibles - This section will be for site information.  Announcements, updates, tech guides and anything that pertains to the site and not necessarily to the Chicago Bears.  This includes this post.

Halas History - Best ofs..., Top 10s..., Worst Days... you get the point.

Immesurables - Anything that pertains to the NFL Draft from a news standpoint.  A perspective on the 18th pick and the history of, would not fall here since it has nothing to do with the upcoming draft.

MockSmock - Any posts highlighting a mock draft or picks.

Rotisserie - Fantasy Football.  

Nothing too fancy or hard to understand.  Hopefully, some of you find these useful.