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Kerry Collins Is About To Be Off the Market

You know it is a typical Bears off season when you can browse through 4 pages of rumors and gossip and find nothing on the Bears. No new coaching changes, no coaches speaking on what is to come, no player news, no draft speculation just nothing.  So I have to go to other team's news to find a possibly Bears related item.

A few weeks back Tennessee Titans QB Kerry Collins told the team that he would only come back if he was a starter.  Otherwise he would retire.

Recently, Collins was told the Titans planned to resign him and that he would be the starter next season.

There is also this from the Titans:

However, the team has a desire to re-sign Chris Simms, who was the third-string quarterback. Simms also is set to be a free agent, but the Titans believe he showed tremendous progress throughout the season in practice and believe he is now fully healthy after complications from having his spleen removed during the 2006 season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

On the Collins front, I didn't honestly expect the Bears to go after him, but if he did hit the market he would have been an option that would not have broken the bank.  On the  Chris Simms front, far be it for me to put thoughts into Simms head, but what is the benefit of signing with the Titans.  You are going to be a third stringer, that means if injuries hit you might not even dress.  Meanwhile you have a team like the Bears that has been known to covet you and you are coming in as a backup.  Given this team's history there is a fair shot you get some playing time.