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Free Agency Updates - Warner, McNabb, Boldin

There is something that at least passes for news in the current down period for most teams, for what would be possible Free Agency targets if Bears fans were in charge.

Kurt Warner - It is a little vague, but Kurt Warner's agent has some master plan setup for Warner's upcoming Free Agency run.  When it comes to the Bears:

"The Bears obviously have to figure out which direction they want to go with the quarterback thing," Bartelstein [Warner's Agent] said. "It has, obviously, been a point of contention for quite a while. We have to wait and see what they decide they want to do."

Anquan Boldin - This is more just a fluff piece than news, but somebody asked Boldin how it felt to have Bears Nation pining over him and begging management to make a move for him.

"I think that it just speaks to how you play the game, and real fans appreciate what you do on the field," Boldin said Monday. "That is always flattering. But as far as thinking about next year or the future, it doesn't help me right now. My only goal is to win the Super Bowl."

Donovan McNabb - This bit is interesting.  During a live chat this came up"

Adam Schefter, NFL Network.... This has the makings of a Brett Favre drama written on it. McNabb will want long-term security, the Eagles will balk at giving him too much of it, and it sets up a potential showdown. Now I remember two years ago, an NFC team called the Eagles and asked what it would take to get McNabb. It was told three first-round picks. Don't think the price would be that high now, but if Philadelphia ever decided it would be willing to entertain trade offers, the Eagles start by asking for at least two first-round picks.