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Larry Fitzgerald Wants Boldin To Stay

I know, I know, Chicago actually making a move for Anquan Boldin is as far fetched hope as they come, but in down times like these you are just hanging onto anything you can that maybe they just may do it.

Larry Fitzgerald has emerged as a top 2 or at worst top 3 wide receiver in this league.  He is a guy who just seems to get it. He gets in on the field and off the field.  Could that mindset be the reason the Bears have no shot at  Boldin?

Fitzgerald is willing to restructure his contract so that the Cardinals can redo Boldin’s and keep him in Arizona long-term. Boldin wants his deal redone and said during the season that he never would re-sign with Arizona again, but many around the league believe that as long as the Cardinals make a sufficient offer, then Boldin will agree to stay.

There are only a few guys who with their signing alone can improve your offense on thier own.  Boldin is one of those guys.  Wishful thinking or not, having him available changes how people could approach Free Agency.