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Wolfe and Bennett To Get A Shot

For the past year (two for  Wolfe) we have discussed the merits of Garrett Wolfe and Earl Bennett.  With Wolfe it has varied from whether he even should be on the field to whether he can be a Darren Sproles type of back.  With Bennett is was how good is he actually if he isn't able to break through with the receiving crew we bring to the table.

None of this is from the mouths of Jerry Angelo or Lovie Smith, but it looks like we may actually get an answer. 

For Bennett it comes from this statement made by  Vaughn McClure:

Receiver doesn’t appear to be the top priority for the Bears but no one can deny it being an area of need. The Bears seem content with Devin Hester’s development and intent on finally giving Earl Bennett a shot. Brandon Lloyd and Marty Booker are unlikely to return next season, and Rashied Davis will have a spot based on his performance on special teams.

and for Wolfe it comes from this from Brad Biggs:

The vibe I get is that general manager Jerry Angelo would very much like to see Wolfe worked into the mix more. We don't know if he can handle a role as a complementary back at this point because he simply has not had the chance. As Angelo explained, so much of the focus was on getting Matt Forte ready to carry the load as a rookie, that the rest of the players at the position were forced into lesser roles. 

Again McClure and Briggs aren't in the Bears meeting room, but the point is there.  You drafted them either give them a chance to succeed or get rid of them.  We don't need to hold on to a back the stature of Wolfe if you have no intention of using him.