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Mayock Likes Derrick Williams For The Bears

It seems most of the world thinks the Bears will take a receiver with their #18 pick in the upcoming draft.  I think based on what we have heard in post season conferences is that they will go elsewhere with the pick.  So when I see an expert come up with a name that would be a 2nd or 3rd round pick, I give it a bit more thought.

Derrick Williams is a 6-0, 194 lb senior out of Penn State.  His numbers aren't great, but PSU has had inconsistent QB play and a few other receivers fighting for the ball.


Year GP Rec Yds YPC TD
2005 8 22 289 13.1 1
2006 13 40 440 11.0 1
2007 13 55 529 9.6 3
2008 13 44 485 11.0 4

Excellent athleticism...Has good speed and plays fast...Extremely quick...Terrific change of direction skills...Very elusive...Outstanding vision...Runs well after the catch...Solid ball skills...Tough with adequate strength...Not afraid to work the middle...Gives good effort as a blocker...Fantastic return man...Offers a lot of versatility...Very competitive...Intelligent...Mature...Solid intangibles... Still has upside. 

Just average size and bulk...Will drop too many catchable balls...Durability might be a concern...Has room to improve as a route runner...Very inconsistent...Was not overly productive and might be somewhat of an underachiever...Jack-of-all-Trades, a master of none? 

--NFL Draft Countdown

I understand that once you get out of the top 2 or 3 players at each position the negatives get bigger, but in the 2nd round Mayock wants the Bears who need a steady and consistent receiver to take a reciever who isn't fast, isn't tall, drops too many balls, isn't a good route runner and has only been in the end zone 9 times in his four year career.  Do I have that correct?  

He must have one hell of an upside.  OHHHH!.....he is ideal for using in the Wildcat.  Well, if that's the case what am I worried about.