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John St. Clair and Offensive Linemen in the Draft

Some days John St. Clair overachieved on other days he way underachieved or played how we thought he would depending on your viewpoint, but many think St. Clair has shown enough to warrant a new contract.  

The question is where to put him.  He had too many games where Kyle Orton was getting blasted all day, but he may have some value at left guard or as this article puts it:

Mayock had plenty to say about this year’s crop of offensive line talent, and the Bears could use another lineman. Williams should start at left tackle next season. If the Bears can re-sign John St. Clair, he’ll likely start at right tackle with aging veteran John Tait in the rotation. The Bears are happy with the progress of left guard Josh Beekman but need insurance behind declining Roberto Garza at right guard. Backup guard Terrence Metcalf might not be back next season.

We knew this would be coming eventually.  Tait's skills have gone down little by little each year, maybe rotating St. Clari in can prolong his shelf life and give him a few more servicable years.

So far as an offensive linemen in the draft NFLN's Mike Mayock says this isn't the best year to pick up a guard.

``Andy Levitre (6-2, 306) was Oregon State’s left tackle. He will kick inside to play guard, and I believe he’s NFL-starting-guard caliber. Some teams like Duke Robinson (6-5, 335) from Oklahoma, a massive, tough guy. He struggles a little bit in space so he’s probably going to be a second-round pick. For the teams that like the real big, massive offensive lineman, he’s going to be a starter for them.’’

He is impressed with two of the bigger guys Herman Johnson out of LSU (6-7, 386) and Kraig Urbik (6-6, 332).