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Mike Furrey Is More The Bears Speed

We are getting closer and closer to the Bears shattering our hopes.  We all know it won't happen, but some of us are just hanging on to the fact that maybe this year is the year the Bears spend money and bring in some real players. This article think Furrey could be a good option for us at receiver.

Although he has no reason other than he is a wide receiver and the Bears have signed a former Lion before. 

The Detroit Lions have release WR Mike Furrey.  Furrey had one good year in 2006 where he racked up 98 catches and 1.086 yards.  He has been pretty quite since then, though he was playing behind Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson.

So how are you liking your knew Bears receiving corp of Devin Hester, Mike Furrey, Devery Henderson and Earl Bennett?