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Wrong Year To Draft A Safety?

Recently, I've been mowing over the idea of drafting a safety in the first.  The thought process was 1) I cannot endorse drafting a wide receiver if we don't first bulk up our offensive line in free agency and 2) if we go OL we would be looking at the 3rd or4th best linemen where if we went safety we could be looking at the #1 safety.

Based on this report, it seems like maybe that is not the way to go.

"The biggest disappointment for me was William Moore,’’ Mayock said. "He had a Top-20 grade from almost every NFL team heading into his senior season. He's a big, physical tough guy who has first-round value. But you could probably get him in the second round this year. He’s going to be a boom or bust.’’

Moore is the top rated safety in the class and I'm really not interested in a boom or bust safety.  We pretty much have that in Manning.  Sometimes he is going to play real well and others not so much.

I'm not sure where I see the Bears going.  Not what I want them to do, but what they will do.  Angelo has been pretty consistant on calling the receivers spot mix and match.  That doesn't seem like an endorsment to go use a #1 on it.