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Higher Education?

A week ago, GeauxBears posted an article detailing Earl Bennett’s decision to return to Vanderbilt to pursue his degree. I originally wrote: “I will never get mad at a kid for wanting to return and get his degree. But why after this year? Especially when he couldn’t crack our stellar WR corps?” Today, we find out that Matt Forte has returned to Tulane to finish up the 15 credits needed for his degree.


I believe that there is a HUGE difference between the two. We have one player who was drafted in the 2nd round, started for us and was an Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate. The other was drafted in the 3rd round, played on special teams, but couldn’t beat out Marty “AARP” Booker and Rashied “I play what position again?” Davis.


Here’s the thing: School will always be there after your days in the NFL. I realize that both will show up when organized practices start, and both are doing the honorable thing by getting a degree. They are also setting a positive example to all the young’ns out there. Matt Forte has minor aspects of his game to work on. Earl Bennett obviously has bigger issues, especially since, you know, he didn’t play. Personally, I believe that Bennett could have focused more on his game if he stayed in Chicago or the Chicagoland area.


What’s your take on Bennett and Matt Forte going back to school? Is there a difference between the two or is it a whole lot of nothing?