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Bears Offer Rod Marinelli A Deal

UPDATE: The Chicago  Sun-Times is disputing the claim that the Bears offered Rod Marinelli a contract.  ESPN is running with the Chicago Tribune's report.

We have been demanding change in our coaching staff and although they are taking the round about way of doing it, it seems the Bears are retooling their defensive coaching staff.  Defensive Line coach Brick Haley is on his way to LSU.  As

Now the Bears have officially offered former Lions coach Rod Marinelli a contract.  The article suggests he could get hired for anything from "trusted advisor" to defensive line coach, but as it has been mentioned many times on this site, it may be that the Bears are lighting a fire under or greasing the hinges to show Babich the door.

It could be possible that once Marinelli is on board, Babich is gone.  It could also be that as mentioned in the  Fan Post that Babich, Smith and Angelo sat down and it was mutually decided that Babich is not ready for the spot and he is going to slide back into his old position of Linebackers coach.

Regardless of where we go Marinelli on board is a big plus for us.  For those here and in the MSM that think the Bears are insane for bringing the man who just created history by leading a team that went 0-16 on board, that is the most ludicrous argument I've ever heard. 

The guy got a head coaching gig based on his job at lower level jobs.  To think because he may or may not be a good head coach means he isn't a good defensive line coach or defensive coordinator is a flawed statement.  It just means he might not be able to run the whole show on both sides of the ball.  For the record I think Marinelli will get another head coaching shot at some point and believe he can be successful, but that is a discussion for another time, for all we know he is Lovie Smith's successor.