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Bears Off Season Outline

I don't know if we ever put this list out and not just in a comment thread somewhere and I am by no means positive this is complete, so if you see some info missing  please drop the missed play in the comments and I'll update.

Bears Free Agents:

The Bears took care of all of their big names last year, so this year nobody that is hugely important is a priority.

Mike Brown

Kevin Jones

Brandon Lloyd

Darrell McClover

Rex Grossman

John St. Clair

Brandon McGowan

I think the Bears resign St. Clair for depth.  Their plan is to hope that  Chris  Williams is ready to take over the spot, but St. Clair will step in if he is horrible or is needed other places along the line.


The Bears once again did well enough that they fall outside the range of can't miss or amazing athlete options, but there look to be enough players in the areas they need that they should have their choice.

Position: 18

Team Needs:

Wide Receiver

Defensive End

Offensive Line