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Defensive Position Coaches: Scapegoats or something more?

David Haugh's article in the Tribune today brought up an interesting point about the Bears' coaching staff.

Who else feels stupid for thinking cornerback Charles Tillman had more to do with giving up the 99-yard touchdown pass to Bernard Berrian that blew the Vikings game Nov. 30 than former defensive backs coach Steven Wilks?

Wilks never again will make the mistake of failing to warn Tillman sufficiently about the dangers of falling asleep at the opponent's 1-yard line now that the Bears have fired him.

And imagine how silly those of us who blamed the Bears' front four for going five games without a sack feel now that we know it was really all ex-defensive line coach Brick Haley's fault.

Forget that Lance Briggs appreciated Lee's contributions enough to offer to fly him to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl—was defensive coordinator Bob Babich invited too?—it wasn't enough to save Lee from becoming the Bears' third position coach pared.

This is like changing the light bulbs in a house with bad wiring.

Personally, I think the article has a lot of merit. We're not changing schemes or coordinators after our defense's great performance this year; instead, we're replacing position coaches. Unfortunately, firing the position coaches and sparing Babich looks to be another of Lovie's "stay the course" mantras (see training camp 2008 when Lovie blamed the poor 2007 defense on injuries).