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The Bears Den - 10/1/09


....where we truly hope that Lance Briggs isn't seriously injured.

In The Den

670 The Score

Keep this in mind.... 

Here's Wednesday's practice update from Laurence Holmes.

Blog Critic

Overachieving football franchise is seeking a single white linebacker. Great read.

Jerry Angelo is impressed with the Bears' resiliency. I'm glad. 

The receivers are happy to prove the critics wrong.

Chicago Sun-Times

The Lions game is just another game for Rod Marinelli.

Ten things we don't know about the Bears.

Jerry Angelo is laying the foundation for the future. 

More after the jump....

There was an overwhelming response to the worst uniform poll.

Anthony Adams was fined $5,000 for his facemask penalty.

The Bears shifted around their practice squad today.

Chicago Tribune

The Bears' D might want to face a banged-up Kevin Smith rather than Maurice Morris.

Pisa Tinoisamoa won't play this weekend.....C-.

Lance Briggs was named the NFC defensive player of the week.

Jim Schwartz is impressed with Jay Cutler thus far.

Lance Briggs' foot injury doesn't appear to be too serious. 

Lovie Smith looks good being in charge of the defense.

Jay Cutler is finally playing within himself.

Rich Gannon likens Jay Cutler to Brett Favre.

ESPN Chicago

Will Detroit RB Kevin Smith be out this weekend? 

Anthony Adams is a Lions fan.....sort of.

Lance Briggs is sidelined with a foot injury.

Jay Cutler: The Lions are tougher than advertised.

The last time Jamar Williams started was versus the Lions in 2007. His next start? In 2009 against the Lions.