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NightLink: Say It Ain't So... Forte Compared To Bad Bears RB's

Over on Yahoo Sports Shutdown Corner Blog they do something no Chicago fan likes to see... They compare Matt Forte to Curtis Enis and Rashaan Salaam, check out their full post, "Rashaan Salaam, Curtis Enis ... Matt Forte?" It opens with...

I'm sure that those first two names are names that Bears fans wish to never see next to the name of Matt Forte. With Forte's dead-legged performance through the first three weeks of this season, though, with apologies to Bears fans, it's a comparison worth looking into.

The blog isn't very nice...

Through the first three games of this year, Forte's been a complete brick. He might as well be wearing a "Salaam" jersey. He's averaging 2.5 yards per carry and has no touchdowns. It's not like he's played a collection of fierce defenses, either. Sure, Pittsburgh's good, but Green Bay gave up 100+ yard games to Cedric Benson and Steven Jackson, and Seattle gave up 200+ to Frank Gore. Forte, while getting a good amount of carries, hasn't been able to run against any of them.

With the bye week coming after the Lions game, we better hope Forte can find some running room this Sunday, otherwise the media will have nothing to do but give us 2 solid weeks of "What's Wrong With The Running Game?"