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No Bears… Then what to do?

If you're a hard core NFL fan, having no Bears this week won't be a big deal. After all, what better than the intriguing story line of the struggling Cleveland Browns looking for their fist "W" against the Dick Jauron led Buffalo Bills. There's also the Comcast NFL RedZone channel to scratch that football itch, especially handy for the Fantasy Fanatic. But for the die hard navy and orange kool-aid drinking, polish sausage eating, "Da Bears" spewing, Grabowski channelling, Chicago Bears fans... this week, the Bears bye week, is like an eternity.

Sure, us Bears fans could try and take pleasure in watching the Vikings lose, but a trip to St. Louis should equate to another offensive explosion for Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, and company, not to mention a few more sacks for Jared Allen. So watching the Vikes roll to 5-0 would just be flat out nauseating.

This might be a good week to mention to wifey (or your significant other) that you'll pass on the Bears (she doesn't need to know the Bears are on their bye week now does she?) to spend some quality time. Head over to an apple orchard and take in the Autumn sights, maybe rent that chick flick she's been dying to see. There's always the old stand by, dinner and a movie. If you're really adventurous (and financially stable) go the Bed & Breakfast route. Can you score any more relationship points than with the old B&B? Well... there is the dual spa day if you're secure enough with your manhood.