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The Bears Den - 10/12/09


....where we're ready for this week to be over.

Mike McCaskey shares his perspective on Papa Bear Halas in his new book. 

Chicago Now

Adewale Ogunleye blogeth! He dips into his mailbag....check it out.

Jay Cutler shares his diabetes story.

Chicago Sun-Times

The Bears have sued Chicago numbnut David Hernandez. 

Rick Telander <3's Brett Favre.

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The Bears like their receivers, thus why they passed on Braylon Edwards.

Adrian Peterson's injury might force a running back reshuffle.

Bears in Brief: All about the LB's.

This article discusses Lovie's perspective on challenging plays.

Chicago Tribune

Steve Rosenbloom has an excellent article on Chicago sports.....great read. 

Ask Dan Pompei: All about the LB's.

Lovie Smith is ready to face off against the Falcons.

Daily Herald

Lovie Smith likes making the defensive calls. 

Adewale Ogunleye was fined for the horse-collar tackle on Stafford.

Moral of this article: Dave Toub is awesome.