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Should Bears Fans Have Faith in Their Management? Volume III


Last March, we broke down our Chicago Bears franchise into three categories (players, coaches, management), took a brief evaluation of each piece, then voted on how much we trusted the leaders of our football team to make the right decisions for our future. Take a couple of minutes to see the results of the poll, and peoples' thoughts in the comment section. As you can see, it wasn't very pretty.

After significant offseason movement, we took another evaluation of the three pieces of the pie, and cast our votes again. The numbers were considerably higher, but many folks wanted to wait and see how things transpired on the football field before making a decision.

So here we are now, sitting at 3-1 in the regular season, including a win over the defending Super Bowl champions. Take the time to consider each piece of the pie (players, coaches, management), and let us know how you feel now about the folks in charge of our football team.