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The Bears Den - 10/13/09


....where we agree with the 3rd article. Kudos, sir.

The Bears returned to the practice field on Monday. 

Pisa Tinoisamoa is ready to get back on the field this weekend.


Memo to Chicago MSM: Fire yourselves.

Chicago Sun-Times

Brad Biggs clears up the #1 WR issue. 

The Bears are hoping to improve closing games.

More after the jump.... 

Chicago Tribune

Steve Rosenbloom: Bad week for Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith. 

Ask Dan Pompei: Bears drafts, Cutler, and Urlacher.

Up next: The 3-1 Atlanta Falcons.

Daily Herald

The Bears got healthy during the bye week. 

ESPN Chicago

2008 Atlanta is on the Bears' minds.

Hillenmeyer missed practice on Monday.

The Bears have (hopefully) learned their lessons from 2008 Atlanta.