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Lunchtime Links: Chicago Bears Style

Wcg_thumb_link_mediumAfter doing a quick look around the world wide web, we thought we'd bring you some fresh articles to discuss.

First, Rashied Davis says that he hasn't dropped the thoughts of last year's loss to the Falcons out of his mind

Jeff Dickerson tweeted yesterday afternoon that Charles Tillman and Zackary Bowman were the last to leave the practice field.  Can they be ready for Roddy White?

Brad Biggs reports that Jon Gruden is the guy that Dan Snydor wants to replace Jim Zorn.  Wait, but Zorn hasn't been fired yet.  How do people know this stuff before it happens?

Biggs also Tweeted yesterday that Ricky Manning Jr. has signed with the Florida Tuskegees of the UFL.

Random note:  the Bears have won in three straight years after the Bye week.  Unfortunately, this year we don't have the luxury of playing the Niners (06), Raiders (07), or Lions (08).