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Bears Rookie Lance Louis Charged With Assault

Back in August, we brought you a story about rookie Lance Louis being under investigation for an altercation that took place in 2008 while Louis was still at San Diego State University, an altercation that left his team's strong safety with a concussion, a broken eardrum, and fractured cheekbone.

And if you remember, the Bears disclosed that they were aware of the altercation when he was drafted in the seventh round of the NFL draft.  Well, while things haven't legally turned out as badly as they could have for Louis (the victim's family was expecting a felony assault charge), it appears that he could end up facing jail time after being charged with misdemeanor assault.

An arraignment will be held Oct. 23 but Louis is not required to attend. The charge is punishable by up to a year in jail and a $10,000 fine. Louis has declined to speak on the matter at the advice of his attorney. Paul Sandford said that civil action by his son remains a consideration, but that right now he is trying to focus on the remainder of his playing career.

We should be hearing from Chicago Bears team officials in the next couple of days.