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Bob Babich Earning Praises

Yes, you read that correctly.  Oh, and before we jump into the article, Vaughn McClure just Tweeted that Hunter Hillenmeyer is out for the game Sunday.

Now, many of you have constantly hammered the work of Bob Babich, claiming him to be nothing more than Lovie Smith's friend whom he won't fire.  Well, so far this year, we haven't heard much from ,or about, the (sort of) defensive coordinator, who has been assigned to coaching the linebackers.

Brad Biggs of the Sun Times brings us an interesting article this afternoon on Coach Babich, and how he is rebuilding his reputation.  An excerpt:

Smith said the big misconception is that Babich doesn't have his hand in the play calling. He still is involved, and continues to have the title of defensive coordinator. No one within the franchise looked at it as a demotion when Smith said he would be the one calling plays.

''It was great [returning to the meeting room],'' Babich said. ''It's been fantastic. I'm a linebacker coach. I enjoy being around those guys. That room, it runs deep. It's just been fun to be back in there.''


What are your thoughts on Coach Babich this year?