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Chicago Bears VS. Atlanta Falcons - 4th Quarter Thread

Bears_medium Falcoons_medium
 Georgia  Dome
7:20 P.M. CST NBC
Sirius Channel: 127 Opp: The Falcoholic
Our game with the Falcons last year is not easily forgotten.  With the game all but wrapped up the Bears manage to give up the sidelines and Matt Ryan and  Michael Jenkins burn us.  Hopefully the Bears can use a little bit of that and come out firing on all cylinders tonight.  They don't want to give the  Falcons and early lead, so they can just run out the clock with a heavy dose of Micheal Turner.  That said Cutler has had some success against the Falcons in their house.  He was the only QB to beat them at the Georgia Dome last year.  Hopefully he can bring some of that with him.  As far as what the Bears need to do, it is pretty much the same as it has been every game.  Figure out how to run the ball, protect the QB and stop giving up the huge pass plays.