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Bears Give Away Game, Fall to Atlanta 21-14

For the second straight year, the Chicago Bears gift wrapped the game for the Atlanta Falcons.  This year however they played they at least teased them a bit, by giving it to them, then taking it away, then giving it back to them.

No matter how bad the Bears play, they always seem to be in it late and Cutler seems to get the job done.  Unfortunately, this time Cutler couldn't overcome a horrible offensive line and some dumb penalties.

Cutler ended the game with an even 300 yards, 2TD and 2 INTs.  He spread the ball around well, Devin Hester  was the Bears leading receiver with 6 catches for 83 yards.  Once again the oline and Matt Forte couldn't get anything going.  Forte ended with 23 yards on 15 carries. Sadly Cutler had more rushing  yards.

The Bears defense and special teams great at times, but both gave up big plays.

I'm going to be sorry I asked, but what is your take?