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Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Falcons Edition

Shame on the Bears coaches.  I don't say that too often, but last night you would have thought that we had to play that game on short notice. There is no way that a team who wants to be significant contenders in their conference (or division for that matter) can have two weeks to prepare for a game, and end up looking so lost.

Penalties, miscues, blown coverage... we had two weeks to get our game together.  Shame on our coaches.

- Garrett Wolfe looked nice in kick off coverage.  Not sure why he's making special teams tackles when he's the only other RB active for the game, but he looked good nonetheless.

- Ron Turner tried twice to throw the ball to Jason McKie, once as a screen in Q1, and once in play-action near the goal line in Q3.

- Matt Forte continues to excel in picking up the blitz.  Great blocker.

- I am so very tired of seeing Jay Cutler throw off-balance.  His Happy Feet Syndrome has got to be coached out of him.  Set your feet Jay!

- Defense came out strong at the start of the game, with three straight 3/ outs for Atlanta, and a punt in their first 4 possessions.

- Nick Roach plays hard.  He needs some coaching, and more experience, but I like his energy on the field.

- Orlando Pace and Chris Williams had their hands full last night with John Abraham and Krory Biermann.  Considering those tough match-ups, I give the nod to Pace/ Williams.  Nice job fellas.

- Should an offensive holding penalty really be 10 yards?  That seems excessive.  Maybe 5 yards and replay the down.

- Frank Omiyale is not a long-term answer for our OL.  

- Roberto Garza can still drive folks 10 yards down the field.  He got beat last night a few times as well, but it is fun to see his meanness come out every now and then.

- The Falcons WRs were finding holes in our coverage early in the game, but luckily it took Matt Ryan a while to find his rhythm.  Early miscues kept us in the game.

- If you, or anyone you know, still thinks Devin Hester should not be returning punts (ChiFan13), please stop.  Hester is good at PRs.

- Tony Gonzales is strong. We tried stripping the ball a couple of times when a normal person would not have been able to hang on to the ball.  Tony G did.

- Pisa Tinoisamoa = "Cement Wall" according to Al Michaels.  Hard for a nickname like that to stick if he can't stay healthy.  

- Trade deadline is Tuesday at 4pm.  Jerry Angelo has to be thinking of bringing in another LB.

- Jay Cutler is over-throwing his WRs too much.  Definitely a symptom of not setting his feet.

- Bears pass rush?  Hello?  Hellooooo?  Two weeks to get ready, and zero sacks?  No defensive lineman had more than 2 tackles.  Shame on our coaches.

- Atlanta had two straight 3 and outs to start the second half.  Per usual for our defense.  How about sustaining that throughout an entire half, coaches?

- Desmond Clark showed some great hands, just like he did in the pre-season.  We've got to get him more involved in the passing game.

- I am not typically too harsh on Ron Turner's play calling, but our red zone performance last night was terrible.  You don't call a sweep on the goal line!

- Al Afalava continues to make big plays.  He was out of position a couple of times, but also did a mighty fine job on Tony G a few times last night.  I like Afalava.

- 9 more penalties last night.  Shame on our coaches.

- Special teams coverage was ungood.  Dave Toub, you had two weeks like everyone else did.

- If we play an entire game of good football, we can beat anyone on our schedule.  Unfortunately, we are our own worst enemy.  Time to reevaluate some things, and seriously look at our OL and coaching staff.