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The Bears Den - 10/20/09


....where we're starting a collection for a new OL.

670 The Score

Laurence Holmes muses on the loss to Atlanta.

The tight ends shone in a disappointing loss. 

The turnovers in the red zone burned the Bears. Thanks, Larry.

The Bears self-destructed in a frustrating loss. Thanks, Larry.

Gaines Adams is excited to suit up for the Bears. Thanks, Larry.

Chicago Sun-Times

Brad Biggs' rapid reaction to the loss. 

There's no margin for the Bears to perform that badly and expect to win.

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Neil Hayes isn't too pleased about the game.

Jay Cutler should avoid primetime games. Great analysis.

Chicago Tribune

Alex Brown is focusing on his job, not Gaines Adam. 

Jerry Angelo said that Adewale Ogunleye is still part of the Bears' future.

Steve Rosenbloom: The Bears are experts at choking.

Daily Herald

The Bears really did their best to lose the game. 

Barry Rozner talks about getting off the bus running.

Cutler during primetime games = bad.

Bob LeGere is pretty angry about the running game.

All about Gaines Adams.

Mike Imrem: It's unlikely that the Bears can tutor Jay Cutler.

ESPN Chicago

The Bears have a definite blueprint for defeat. 

The OL during the Falcons game = bad.

The running game during the Falcons game = bad.

Jerry Angelo talks about his new toy (Gaines Adams).

Pisa Tinoisamoa got his knee examined yesterday.

All about Gaines Adams.