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NightLink: Bears Sign Cutler To Extension









Per Brad Biggs' tweet:

Jay Cutler 2-year extension with the Chicago Bears. QB will get $30 million with $20 million of it guaranteed. QB now signed thru 2013.

Helmet tip: GallopingGhost

And according to this article, written yesterday on October 19 by Biggs' fellow writer Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post, the Gaines Adams trade freed up cash for the Cutler deal.

From a value standpoint, giving up a second-round draft choice is a truly valuable asset to give up, and personnel people can debate the value of Adams against a 2010 second-round pick. The financial terms, however, skew toward Chicago, which acquired an extremely reasonable contract -- the bulk of the money having been paid by the Bucs -- for a prime position on the team and hedging against paying their existing defensive ends a high market value.

The Bears will need their money. If Jay Cutler progresses as expected, they’re looking at rewarding him with an APY (average per year) of $15M and a guarantee over $30M, based on recent deals by Matt Cassel, Philip Rivers and Eli Manning.