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The Bears Den - 10/21/09




....where we have a major man-crush on Cliff Stein.

Winning the turnover battle is key to the Bears' success. 


Adewale Ogunleye dips into his mailbag.

He also addresses the Gaines Adams signing - don't miss it.

Chicago Sun-Times

Mike Mulligan does an excellent job of providing a context to the Cutler extension - don't miss this story.

Ervin Baldwin - He gone! 

Lovie Smith won't rule out changes along the OL.

Neil Hayes: Lovie can't win close ones. Go away, Neil.

More after the jump....

Pisa Tinoisamoa is most likely out after reinjuring his knee.

Chicago Tribune

Desmond Clark blogeth!

The Bears' running game is in dire straits. 

The Bears' running game is in dire straits, Part Deux.

Steve Rosenbloom: Bears have to win this weekend.

Lovie Smith won't hit the panic button quite yet.

Dan Pompei: All about Ron Turner.

Daily Herald

The Bears rank near the bottom of the league in rushing stats. 

ESPN Chicago

Jason McKie is a fan of Ochocinco's tweet war with Cutler.

Jeff Dickerson levels a well-placed shot at Ron Turner.