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The Bears Den - 10/23/09


....where we're ready to watch Lance Briggs dominate Ochocinco.

Loyalty is a two-way street for the Bears. Thanks, Larry.

Bears players aren't surprised by Benson's success. 

Chicago Sun-Times

Cutler and the Bears are happy together. Duh. 

Lovie's taking his time deciding on his starting LB's.

Cedric Benson is a moron.

Neil Hayes likes the Cutler extension, but wants Jerry Angelo to keep the good moves coming.

Jerry Angelo takes the high road in regards to Warren Sapp.


Chicago Tribune

The Cutler extension is good for both him and the Bears. Thanks! Let's try to run this story into the ground. 

Cedric Benson is out to prove the Bears' management wrong.

Daily Herald

The Bears and Cutler are happy about the extension. Thanks for that.

Barry Rozner: The Cutler and Orton backlash is baffling.

Bob LeGere muses about Benson's presser on Wednesday. 

ESPN Chicago

Great article on Nick Roach - don't miss it. 

Gaines Adams will be active during the Bengals games.

The third-down efficiency has been a sticking point for the Bears' offense this week.

Thursday's practice update from Jeff Dickerson.

Sporting News

Our very own wiltfongjr gives his Bearprint for Success against the Bengals.