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Comcast Sponsored Post: A Look At Efficiency


This post is sponsored by Comcast's Red Zone.  Catch Every Touchdown From Every Game.  Every Sunday Afternoon.

Sometimes, you can take a step back, try to be objective, and just look and see what the numbers are telling you.  So far, in 2009:

Bears rank in red zone scoring: 18th (50% efficiency)

Bears red zone scoring defense: 28th (61.5% given up)

Bears penalties per game: 17th (6.2 penalties per game)

3rd down conversions made: 14th (38.8%)

3rd down defense: 24th (40.3% allowed)

After the disaster in Atlanta, I'm hoping we see the Bears come out fired up, angry, and more efficient when we face the Bengals Sunday afternoon.  Weather shouldn't be an issue, as the rain is expected to move out for a sunny day of football.