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Chicago Bears Vs. Cincinnati Bengals - 3rd Quarter

Bears_medium Bengals_medium
 Paul Brown Stadium
3:15 P.M. CST NBC
Sirius Channel: 123 Opp: Cincy Jungle


Bears brass has been taking a bit of a beating in the media of late due to the success of some of the players they let go.  Most notably Kyle Orton, Justin Gage to a lesser extent and Cedric Benson, whose revived running game the Bears will have to stop this week if the Bears plan to leave Cincinnati with a better record than .500.  The Bengals are having a resurgence this year.  Along with Benson's run game, Carson Palmer and Ocho Cinco are looking more closely like they used to than they do to the tandem we've seen the prior 2-3 years.  While the air game isn't enough to put the Bengals over the top if the dline and the depleted Bears linebacking corp can't stop Benson and the Bears have to start playing the safeties closer to the line, Palmer is good enough to make them pay.   The Bears offense just needs to keep doing what they are doing and just eliminate the red zone turnovers.    If they can get out fast and put a few points on the board it will force the Bengals to abandon the run game and while Palmer and guys are better I don't think they can beat us with the pass along.