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Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Bengals Edition

For some reason, looking for someone to place the blame on is the first reaction by many.  It hasn't taken long for the gamut to be run- blame the ownership, the management, the coaches, the players.  The most important part, though, is just to blame someone, anyone, right?  I disagree.

I started jotting down notes, like I usually do, and honestly, stopped during the second quarter.  The team we played last night looked good.  Cincinnati has an excellent offense, and when you don't put pressure on a QB as good as Carson Palmer, he rips you apart.

The essence of our defense requires the front four to be able to put pressure on the QB.  That's just the type of defense we run; when we get to the QB, our LBs and DBs are successful.  When we don't get to the QB, our Tampa-2 gets exposed.  Bend but don't break... keep everything in front of you... it's just not working.  

We don't have the personnel to effectively and successfully run the Tampa-2.  I know it, and the Bears know it as well... hence the revolving door of players at the CB and safety position over the last couple of seasons.

- Charles Tillman is overrated.

- Nathan Vasher has never regained his Pro Bowl form since his groin injury in 2007.

- Besides Vasher in 2005, the last cornerback the Bears sent to a Pro Bowl was Donnell Woolford in 1993.

- Josh Beekman is our backup left guard, right guard, and center.  That's not good.

- Al Afalava is the best defensive player on our team (besides Briggs).  We'll probably trade him for a DE next year.

- Lovie Smith said last week and this week that he would take responsibility for not having our guys ready to play.  I wonder if Jerry Angelo will take responsibility for not giving Smith enough talent to be successful.

- Who cares about blaming someone?  The Bengals have more talent than the Bears, and they won the game.  Their WRs > our DBs.  Their OL > our DL.  Their DL > our OL.  Math made simple.

- Oh, and by the way... trolls will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.  If you are only going to post to try and throw salt in a wound, piss people off, or be obnoxious, you might want to go somewhere else.