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The Bears Den - 10/27/09


....where we don't know why we didn't blog on Saturday. Ask WCG.

670 The Score

The Bears lost in incredible fashion; Laurence Holmes breaks it down.

Ced Ben had a career game versus the Bears. Thanks, Larry.

The Bears are searching for answers. Thanks, Larry.

Charles Tillman is on his way to Washington, DC.

The Bears sucked from start to finish. Thanks, Larry. 

Chicago Sun-Times

Brad Biggs: That was the worst loss I've covered in nine years. 

There's no making sense of the latest Bears' embarassment.

No defense for this mess. Chuckle, chuckle.

The Bears' offense stunk. Great call.

The Bears pulled off a historic failure.

The decision to put Cutler in the shotgun is iffy.

There was a change in NFL ownership rule that helps the McCaskey's hold onto the Bears.

Chicago Tribune

Jay Cuts was embarassed. Great article.

Ced Ben was a happy camper on Sunday.

Charles Tillman: The D was simply outplayed. 

Ced Ben didn't thank Lovie Smith. Bad article.

The Bears running game continues to suck. Thanks for pointing out the obvious!

Daily Herald

Grading the Bears. 

Ced Ben taught Ochocinco a new life phrase.

The Bears on Sunday: Bad.

A love piece on Ced Ben.

Devin Hester posted his first 100-yard game as a receiver. Huzzah!

The Bears <3 Ced Ben. End o' article.

Mike Imrem: The Bears collapsed from top to bottom on Sunday.

Barry Rozner: Benson's big day was the ultimate insult to the Bears.

ESPN Chicago

ESPN recap on the Bears - Bengals game.

The Bears couldn't produce jack squat.

The Bears D? Bad.

Tommie Harris is a clueless imbecile. I summed up the article for ya.

Starting the game off with a false start: Bad.