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David Haugh: Lovie's Job is Safe

After the Bears were taken apart, limb by limb, by the Cincinnati Bengals, we started hearing some familiar cries from the fanbase.  

I don't know how to explain the fact that the Bears had two weeks to prepare for the Falcons, only to come out unprepared and sloppy.  I also don't know how to explain the fact that just one week later, Coach Smith sat in front of the cameras and said he didn't have the team ready to play the Bengals.

But, David Haugh takes time to address the coaching situation, and says that Lovie is not going anywhere, if for no reason other than economics.

As a public service to save the next fed-up Bears fan from picking up the phone or clicking "Send," please remember that Lovie Smith has two years and about $11 million left on his contract after this season.

So unless Virginia McCaskey adopts Daniel Snyder into the family, the Bears aren't likely to pay Smith a fortune to go away and open the vault for a $6 million-a-year replacement such as Bill Cowher or either of the two Mikes, Holmgren or Shanahan.

While we wait to see how the Bears will perform against the woeful Browns, we have to wonder what exactly is the problem.  Sure, personnel on the OL is an issue, and our lack of pass rush allows teams to carve up our secondary, but penalties and mental miscues against Atlanta along with a melt-down in Cincy... one has to wonder.

To borrow from Jerry Seinfield, "What's the deal with the Chicago Bears?"

And honestly, say we thump Cleveland the way we were thumped last week... would that make you, as a fan, feel better?