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Is This A Must Win For Lovie?


After two straight loses, in 2 games that on paper at least seemed winnable, the Bears need to circle the wagons as they get set to host the 1-6 Cleveland Browns. The Bears seemed unprepared the last two weeks, and that is inexcusable. Against Atlanta their no huddle offense seemed to confuse the Bears defense and against Cincinnati the entire team was flat out outplayed.

The phrase "must win game" is thrown around nearly every week, but I've felt all along that this was a make or break season for Lovie Smith, and that missing the playoffs again would come with consequences. So with that being said; Is this a must win for Lovie Smith?

I think it is. I think this is the single most important game in his Head Coaching career. At this point in the season, after those 2 heartbreaking loses, losing to a bad Browns team would spell doom for Smith. Jerry Angelo has already planted the seeds of his disappointment with the coaching staff. What would a loss to the one win Browns in Soldier Field do to the team? To the organization? To the fans?

If the Bears somehow look as unready as they have the last couple weeks and lose to Cleveland how can Angelo justify not making a change?

I like Lovie Smith, I've supported Lovie Smith, I even like the concepts of his defensive philosophy, but I also think he needs a win this week to save his job.