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The Bears Den - 10/29/09



Jerry Angelo offers his take on the Cincy game and Tommie Harris. 

Jay Cutler and the Bears are looking to rebound.

Israel Idonije's pro career began in Cleveland.

Chicago Breaking Sports

Per a league source, Hunter Hillenmeyer will start at MLB this week.

Chicago Now

Bears as Simpsons characters. Humorous if nothing else.

Chicago Sun-Times

Jerry Angelo hints at possible change, while Lovie is just exasperated.

Bears won't say if a change will occur on the OL.

Tommie Harris is practicing and Adewale Ogunleye sidelined. 

Jump forth, young ones....

Four ways to fix the season.

Neil Hayes: Time for Lovie to earn the big bucks.

Frank Omiyale is heading to the bench.

Chicago Tribune

The Gridiron Greats announce an expanded medical program.

Dan Pompei's mailbag. 

CSN Chicago

The Bears are honoring Walter Payton on Sunday.

John Mullin's Week 8 NFC North Power Rankings.

Top 10 list, Ochocinco style.

Nick Roach is struggling in the middle.

Daily Herald

Tommie Harris actually practiced! Huzzah!

Bob LeGere: It doesn't look good for the Bears, but it's not over yet. 

ESPN Chicago

Lovie Smith lashed out at Mike Mulligan about a simple personnel question. Read this article and you'll understand the Den tag.

The Mangenius praises Derek Anderson and Mohamed Massaquoi.

Josh Cribbs wants the Bears to kick it to him.

Wednesday's injury report.

Kevin Shaffer (bad) talks about Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn.

Tommie Harris practiced yesterday. I know, I did a double take too.

Frank Omiyale - Josh Beekman switcheroo isn't the only switch this week; Hunter Hillenmeyer is starting in the middle.