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Pass Protection: Omiyale Only Gave Up 1/2 Sack

I found a story by Brad Biggs that I thought showed some interesting numbers.  Sacks allowed thus far:

Orlando Pace: 2 1/2
Greg Olsen: 2
Garrett Wolfe: 2
Chris Williams: 1
Roberto Garza: 1/2
Olin Kreutz: 1/2
Frank Omiyale: 1/2

We will be seeing Josh Beekman in action Sunday, and Beekman only allowed 1.5 sacks all season last year.  However, as we've looked at already, had Matt Forte not broken 2 runs for big gains, his average per carry would be significantly lower than last year.

Can an NFL team win games without a running game?  Sure, but they can't have a young QB that is going to take as many chances at Jay Cutler.

I don't know anyone who is a fan of Josh Beekman... but I do know plenty of people who dislike Omiyale in the starting lineup.  Well, it looks like you are going to get your wish on Sunday.  The only thing is, what do you think Beekman brings to the table that Omiyale doesn't?  Do you think our running game will improve?

From the comments section of Biggs' article:

Tripper (and all of the other aliases you have),

Bears are averaging 3.7 yards per carry.

Bears averaged 3.8 yards per carry last season.

It's not improved as it should be, but the struggles of the offense have been exaggerated to a degree, My point is you take away bad interceptions at Green Bay and Atlanta, and the Bears have a much better record right now. Don't throw away one of those games and they are 4-2.

It is what it is. We'll see what Josh Beekman could do, but obviously the team didn't see everything it wanted from him last season because replacing him was one of the first moves the club made. Remember, for all this talk about Frank Omiyale being a left tackle, Jerry Angelo said when he was signed that he would be worked inside at guard first, in Beekman's spot.

The Bears are hoping Beekman provides some stability and a spark. They've got two home games, it's a good chance to make something happen.

Stay tuned.