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No Major Reports on the Chicago Bears - 10/30/09

No major news reported about the Bears, the Chicago mainstream media reports. 

 Just kidding!


....where you gotta click the link above to get the joke.

Lovie Smith's expectations are high for Tommie Harris.

The defense is vowing to rebound from their loss. 

Chicago Sun-Times

Dah Mah Nah: Put the Bears brass on the firing line.

Where the injured come to die - the Chicago Bears. 

Chicago Tribune

Steve Rosenbloom: Just what the Bears need - the Cleveland Browns.

Jay Cutler has been a comeback kid. 

Changes will occur at middle linebacker, left guard, and defensive tackle.

Comcast SportsNet Chicago

Charles Tillman is creating awareness.

John Mullin: Lovie won't tip his hand about changes. 

Daily Herald

Is Cutler trying to do too much?

Lovie won't talk about all of the changes that will take place.

ESPN Chicago

Desmond Clark is trying to emulate Walter Payton....I guess.

Nate Vasher is learning to play free safety.

The defense is trying to get back to sacking QB's this weekend. 

Adrian Peterson is ready to go for Sunday.

Sporting News

Our very own wiltfongjr gives his "Bearprint for success" to beat the Browns.