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Detroit Lions VS Chicago Bears - 2nd Half

Lions_medium Bears_medium
 Soldier Field
Sirius Channel: 121 Opp: Pride of Detroit
The Lions are coming off of finally ending their 19 game losing streak.  They are hoping to turn their first win in over a year into a winning streak at the hands of the Bears.  Though they may be pumped up, it isn't going to happen. The Bears are rounding out to be a tough team, one that is building character and is becoming a team that will be tough for anybody to beat.  They still have holes, but the Lions are not the team that is going to exploit them.  I would say the  Bears should have an easy time of this one, but I know better than to think the Bears will blow out a team they should.  Let us just hope we can finally come out and play good at the beginning of the game, so we don't have to have another late game drive for the win.