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The Season in Quarters: Chicago Bears

Many of you know that I have been ever-optimistic when it comes to our 2009 Chicago Bears, constantly chattering for a 12-4 record, with the North title ours to win.  Well, with the first quarter of the season down, we stand at 3-1, and if we can keep up that pace, our 12 win season will come true.

I don't point this out because I am making a prediction that gives me a chance to brag on myself, but because 12-4 is what I think will win the division.  Let's take a look at the Bears season in quarters:



@ Green Bay

vs. Pittsburgh

@ Seattle

vs. Detroit

Notes: Ending this quarter 3-1 is a good thing.  I think a lot of folks would have been happy with a 2-2 record when they first saw the schedule.


@ Atlanta

@ Cincinnati

vs. Cleveland

vs. Arizona

Notes:  Two straight road games after the Bye, neither of which will be easy.  Hosting Arizona will be tough too.  Can we end up 3-1 in this quarter, or will we drop 2 games, and have to make one up in a later quarter?


@ San Francisco

vs. Philadelphia

@ Minnesota

vs. St. Louis

Notes:  We will face a couple of tough offenses and defenses, and honestly I don't expect a sweep of Minnesota this year.  If we can split with them, that will be the loss in this quarter.  San Fran and Philly will each be tough.  3-1 is doable.


vs. Green Bay

@ Baltimore

vs. Minnesota

@ Detroit

Notes:  What a tough quarter of football.  It's nice that we will get to host GB and Minny, and those games will determine the North title.  It sucks we'll have to travel to Baltimore.  3-1 this quarter will be tough.  How healthy will we be at this point?

Tomorrow:  The Season in Quarters, Green Bay Packers