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NightLinks: Stats, Rankings, Votes, and Thoughts From Our QB

We've got a few different topics for tonight's NightLink.  First, and let's just get it out of the way early... Espn's newest power rankings are out.  And no, Chicago still didn't move up the ladder.  We are the lowest ranked 3-1 team in the NFL, but the Lions moved up a spot after their loss to us this week.

Second, let's look at some stats since week 4 has officially come to a close.

The Bears are ranked 7th in the NFL in points per game (26.3).  Our defense is ranked 11th at 19.5 points/ game.  Johnny Knox leads the NFL in kick return average, with 35.8 yards per return.  Devin Hester is 7th in the league in punt return average at 10.3 yards/ return.

Johnny Knox is up for Rookie of the Week again on  If you think he deserves it, you can vote here.

Matt Forte is in the running for ground player of the week.  Vote here.

And the last vote has up is for photo of the week.  Jay Cutler's TD launch is in the running.

Next up, we have some thoughts from Jay Cutler from his interview with Waddle and Silvy.  It's a good read, so if you have time, check out the entire article.  His QB rankings in the NFC North:

"[Favre] definitely is No. 1," Cutler said. "If anything, he's earned the right to be No. 1 with as many years as he's played and as well as he's played.

"Then 2-3 are me and Aaron, tied right now. [The Detroit LionsMatthew Stafford] is a good player, a real good player. You saw a glimpse of what he can do Sunday [in a 48-24 loss to the Bears], and when they start getting some guys to surround him and Calvin Johnson, he's going to be dangerous in the future.'

And while we are doing some QB rankings, here's an article from Shutdown Corner ranking the top-10 in the NFL.  Did Cutler make the list?