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Chicago Bears Red Zone Efficiency

This post is sponsored by Comcast's NFL RedZone.

So while trying to decide how best to compose a sponsored post and have some actual content in it, I decided to take a hint from the product being sponsored. So I am going to comb through how well the Bears did in the Red Zone both from a defensive and offensive side of the ball.

When I had this idea I didn't expect that we'd be involved in a game that had 72 points, with virtually every scoring drive entered the red zone.

The Bears have a 44% Red Zone efficiency rating coming into this came. That is 21st in the league.


1st Quarter - 10:02 after a Forte 61-yard run.  3 plays, Cutler TD.

2nd Quarter - 13:45 after a 25-yard pass to Earl Bennett putting the Bears on the Detroit 10 yard line.  2 plays.  Cutler to Kellen Davis for the TD

2nd Quarter - 12:37 after a Tommie Harris interception put the Bears on the Detroit 8-yard line.  The Bears went for a FG until a penalty on the Lions moved them closer and they went for it.  4 plays, Cutler to Greg Olsen for the TD.

3rd Quarter - 5:40 after a fumble recovery put the Bears on the Detroit 19-yard line.  5 plays.  Robbie Gould 22-yard FG.

4th Quarter - 2:49 after a pass to Kellen Davis for 18 yards put the Bears on the Detroit 19 yard line.  3 plays.  Garrett Wolfe runs it in from 2 yards out for the TD.

5 Opportunities - 5 Scores: 4TDs and 1 FG


1st Quarter - After a bomb to Calvin Johnson got the Lions close and they slowly worked their way inside the 20. 5 plays.  Kevin Smith 2 yard TD

1st Quarter - 5:21 after a 23 yard pass to Calvin Johnson puts the Lions on the Bears 14 yard line.  3 plays. 14-yard TD pass to Heller.

2nd Quarter - 1:51 after a 28 yard pass play to Pettigrew put the Lions on the Bears 15.  3 plays. Kevin Smith TD

4th Quarter - 10:40 3 plays.  Jason Hanson 35 yard FG

4 Opportunities - 4 Scores: 3 TDs and 1 FG

From these numbers you can see that the Bears offense is getting it done and the defense is not, though the defense did get pretty stout after half time as the Lions only got within the 20 once in the last 2 quarters.

The Bears need to figure out how to start fast, if we get behind against better teams we aren't going to be able to stop them and come from behind.